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Wedding Speeches 101

If you’re planning a wedding or planning on being in one, then the question of wedding speeches is bound to come up. Who gives the speeches Well, this is really up to the couple that’s getting married, but there seems to be a normal list of people that are expected to say something. The wedding party usually has the most members talking about the bride or the groom. The Best Man and Matron or Maid of Honor are the ones that will be giving short speeches before […]

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Wedding Speeches, A Quick Outline

Wedding speeches are reserved for the most important members of the wedding party and closest family and friends. If you are one of the ones expected or asked to do a wedding speech, then preparing is a must. Winging it just won’t cut it especially when your wedding speech will be on video from now until eternity. Wedding speeches should not last more than three or four minutes. It reminds me of that famous quote by John F. Kennedy, “Public speaking is the art of diluting a […]

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Best Man Speeches

Being selected as best man is an honor that comes with a heavy responsibility – giving a speech. If you’re having trouble coming up with your own words, try adapting one of these free best man speeches to the situation of your friends who are marrying. In picking from the selection of free best man speeches, keep in mind the happy couple, their friends and their families. Your goal is helping them start their new life on the right foot without you being the center of attention. […]

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